The authorization of the electric Trikke is not yet fully covered in all European countries. Since the European commission did not categorize the electric Trikke yet, authorization depends on the law of each individual country.

However last years, an increasing number of EU countries accepted the Electric Trikke on the public roads.

The next countries allow the Trikke EV* :

  • Austria - as E-bike max speed 25km/h
  • Belgium - as mobility vehicle max 18km/h - basic liability insurance obliged
  • Czech Republic - as E-bike max speed 25km/h - helmet obliged for kids under 16
  • Croatia - max 30km/h helmet obliged for kids under 16
  • Finland - as E-bike max 25km/h and max 250W
  • France - as mobility vehicle on sidewalks 6km/h
  • Germany - as Moped max speed 25km/h (with helmet) or 20km/h (without helmet) - basic liability insurance obliged
  • Greece - as E-bike max 25km/h
  • Italy - as mobility vehicle on sidewalks 6km/h or - as bicycle max 25km/h and max 250w motor
  • Luxemburg - as E-bike max 25km/h
  • Netherlands - as special moped max 25km/h - basic liability insurance obliged 
  • Poland - as E-bike max speed 25km/h and max 250W motor
  • Slovenia - max 30km/h helmet obliged for kids under 16
  • Slovakia - as E-Bike max 25 km/h helmet obliged for kids under 16
  • Sweden - as E-bike max speed 20km/h
  • Switzerland - as light motorbike max 20km/h 
  • Spain - as E-bike max 25km/h  

In France as well as several other countries, the daily practice shows the acceptance of the Trikke as long as it has insurance for ‘basic liability’.

Approvals and Certificates

  • The Trikke EV is approved by RDW (Netherlands) and TÜV Nord (Germany)
  • The electronic system of the Trikke EV is EMC-approved by DEKRA 
  • Trikke Europe is certified as manufacturer of the Trikke EV by KBA (Germany)
  • Trikke Europe BV is exclusively licensed for production and sales of Trikke products in Europe by Trikke Tech Inc. USA
  • The obligation for insurance of the Trikke for use on public roads, depends on local legislation. Please get informed by your local Trikke dealer or Trikke Europe.

Trikke Europe is spending a lot of efforts to get the Electric Trikke authorized all around Europe. On the 20th November 2012 the new EU type-approval rules where voted on and the electric Trikke is exempt from type-approval as a vehicle not equipped with at least one seating position.    


* last update feb 2015